Witch Bottle


In ancient times, one practical purpose of magick was to ward off or defend against an impending spiritual crisis. In these times of peril and necessity, divine energy (or divine authority) combined with the witch’s personal power to manifest a unique synergistic force. This force worked to imbue ritual vessels to subvert, remove, destroy, and transmute unwanted conditions, or draw prosperous fortunes.

The term “vessel” is a general term that stratifies various circumstances and locations in which energy can be created and focused on achieving a goal or enchanting a condition. This energy can also be gathered and released to perform work from statues, temples, churches, personal altars, places of ancestral rest, sacred fires, and natural places of power such as groves, mountains, caves, and areas of living water.

Vessel magick is the spiritual art of creating a sacred, holy, or object of power to hold collected, focused energy, and entities to complete a task, goal, or condition. It is also true that these spiritual vessels are also considered spiritual gateways or spirit houses, in which entities may journey back and forth from the veil.

A witch bottle is one such powerful tool. It can be described as a magickal countermeasure, or device against malicious or harmful spells of a rival “witch” or other malefic practitioners. The use of this magickal device dates back to the 17th century when any downturn in luck or suspicious illness was associated with malevolent spellcraft. According to the 1698 text, Observations on Popular Antiquities, by John Brant, urine was a common spell craft component in creating such a bottle. “Stop the urine of the patient close up in a bottle, and put into three nails, pins, or needles, with a little white salt, keeping the urine always warm.”

Traditionally, these bottles were kept near the hearth, to keep them warm and active. The cunning man or woman may also decide to hide them away within the home behind walls or secretly bury them on their property to safeguard the entire area.

In modern times a witch bottle can protect a person from directed or ambient negative energies, entities, and spiritual Inteligencia. This bottle can be magickally forged from various types of tools and “ingredients” within the vessel to attract and trap harmful directed magick or intentions.

At the Saint & Sorcerer we are now offering witch bottles as a defensive strategy against negative or unwanted malefic conditions.

Each bottle is uniquely crafted and empowered to suit the needs of the individual.