Winter Magick—The Snow Witch's Compendium (DIGITAL) Grimoire


Winter is a magickal time of year when the pulse of nature begins to slow, as a time of rest and renewal is observed and required to perpetuate future growth and abundance. In many cultures, winter is a time of introspection and reflection, as well as a time of contemplated wisdom and spiritual growth.

As the wheel of the year and the seasons of nature turn from fall to winter, the snow witch awakens to embrace the brisk whispers of the winter winds, the beauty and power of the relentless snow squalls, and the hidden currents of wisdom and energy of the haunted snow-covered wood to enact required or desired change and manifestation. Winter Magick—  The Snow Witch's Compendium is a grimirore or Book of Shadows for those touched and gifted with nature magick who have a passion and desire for the mysteries that are available through the attunement and call of the winter witch and the elements of ice and snow.

This compendium is for the practitioners who wish to bolster their existing natural craft practice with additional spells, incantations of winter elements and magick or those true seekers new to craft practice who wish to explore mysteries of The Haunted Winter Wood during the winter wheel of the year. Winter Magick—  The Snow Witch's Compendium contains esoteric knowledge that identifies the abilities, inspiration, motivations, and areas of focus of the winter witch, as observed through the winter season or high holidays, the elemental energy and power of the haunted winter wood, the elements of air and water, rune magick of the winter winds, notable winter witches through folktales and relevant history, and specific spell craft to harness the energy of the snow covered haunted wood.

Table of Contents
The Season of the Winter Witch
Legendary Winter Witches
The Seven Pillars of Winter Magick
The Pillar of the Winter Witching Tree
The Pillar of Winter’s Shadow
The Pillar of Silence
The Pillar of White Crucible
The Pillar of the White Serpent
The Pillar of the Crook and Cauldron
The Pillar of Veils
The Pillar of Crossing Pines
The Winter Magick Grimoire

Winter's Gift Spell Jar
The Shadow Walk
The Shadow Meditation
The Serpent's Breath
The Serpent's Coil
The White Serpent’s Seraphic Illumination
The Haunted Winter Wood Charm Bag
The Veil
Ice ElementalThe Ice Bound Golem
Among others...