Wildwood Warden Alchemical Bath Salts—Purification and Protection

The Wildwood Warden alchemical blend transmutes and removes any unwanted attachments, hooks, tethers, and entanglements (directed or ambient) that may impede spiritual or material development or cause prolonged negative emotional experiences. The Unseelie and plant spirit constituents that work to transmute and remove such maladies also protect the true seeker with the protection of the witching wildwood—granting an enchanted astral armor.


 "…and the enchanted bramble thorns provided an impenetrable fortress for the true seeker, a barrier which the transgressions of the unjust could not penetrate…"


This product contains Dead Sea Salt, Rue, Coffee, Rosemary, Clove, Evergreen, various essential oils, and one piece of Obsidian.  


Each bag yields approximately 8-11 experiences