Waxing Moon Lunar oil


Observing, venerating, and working within the moon's cycles is a traditional craft practice that harkens back centuries to ancient shamanistic rituals and druidic adoration. Some of the earliest literature of moon veneration, worship or magick were discovered in ancient Egypt, Babylonia and Asia.

The moon's sacred and mystical energy, which is connected to the microcosmic forces and rhythms of our environment, also exerts a macrocosmic influence on the universe— harmonizing to create a tangible synergy that can be felt and experienced. This synergy, which is observed and experienced physically, emotionally, and spiritually is harnessed by the wise, cunning folk, who understand the moon's phases and the influence and synergy that are woven into a fabric of probability— augmenting and enchanting conditions to alter reality.

For the true seekers drawn to the moon's power and influence, the waxing phase is a time of increase, growth and enhancement. This moon phase can enhance or enchant physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions. The true seeker can enchant their life to draw or attract various conditions or simply focus energy and power into a new project or endeavor.

The waxing moon phase is associated with the maiden aspect of the triple goddess. As this moon phase and energy become available there is a heightened sense of increase and work as we journey toward fulfillment. This is an ideal time for invoking or crafting new beginnings and projects. It is also a beneficial time to cultivate new ideas and to become inspired by the increasing energy. True seekers may find the conditions and energy of the waxing moon to be an opportune time to focus on increasing wealth, love, luck, health, and overall success.

The moon's growth cycle can also be "worked" in preparation for the full moon, as it can be seen as a focal point or culmination for previous works to come to fruition.

The Waxing Moon Lunar Oil is handcrafted and ritually fixed during the moon's increase. This lunar oil harnesses the waxing moon's power and influence. This lunar formulation is also infused with the appropriate herbal constituents and plant spirit energy for such magickal work. These herbs include Laurel, Raspberry Leaf, Marshmallow Root, and Bay Leaf, among others.

Carrier Oil:

Aroma: Sacred Lotus & Juniper berry