Violet Flame Reiki


The Violet Flame emanates from universal violet, golden light— the seventh ray of the divine healing. The spiritual energy of love, mercy, forgiveness, and transmutation are united within this cosmic singularity. The ascended master and Goddess Quan Yin has bequeathed this divine healing energy to the world in hopes to stimulate spiritual growth, self-transformation and propagate deep levels of healing through compassion and mercy.

Quan Yin is a gentle and compassionate Goddess granting various forms of healing for humankind and all those creatures living under the soft glow of the moon. Her gentle acceptance and limitless compassion provide a refuge and healing embrace to comfort us during challenging times. The energy of the Violet Flame promotes a calm and soothing vibration, which encourages physical and mental healing and revitalization.

Violet Flame Reiki promotes needed transformation. This practice transforms negative energy, conditions and circumstances into positive and uplifting energy and influences outcomes in a favorable manner. It mitigates past transgressions, allowing positive energy to take to root within the patient’s body, elevating their spiritual framework.

Violet Flame Reiki promotes peace and tranquility. This practice encourages forgiveness within the self and within others to reopen pathways that may have been closed due to negative lower base emotions and cycles of destructive thought patterns. This type of transformation can break the chains of anxiety and depression and stimulate the self-healing process.

Violet Flame Reiki promotes balance and healing. The violet energy transforms the effects of negativity and illness, promoting harmony and balance within physical, mental, and emotional health.

At Saint & Sorcerer we offer 1-hour sessions of Violet Flame Reiki by appointment.