Dragon's Fire Reiki—Spiritual Alchemy


Dragon's Fire is an alchemical, transmutative based cosmic consciousness that promotes healing, manifestation and invigoration. This alchemical modality has been decoded from the 18th-century French grimoire—the Triangular Book of Saint Germain also known as The Most Holy Trinosophia.

This esoteric grammar or text was created by the “Count of Saint Germain,” himself, as the content was hidden within a sacred codex that outlined alchemical instructions to create the legendary philosopher’s stone— that granted Transmutation, Wealth, Immortality and the Formula of Life.

The secrets discovered from our translation of the aforementioned grimoire has yielded a cosmic alchemical current or energy that channels the power of the Dragon's Fire of Saint Germain’s to transmute and transform conditions on all three levels of reality: the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.  

This alchemy-based craft practice can be utilized to:

* Cleanse and heal on all three levels of reality
* Transmute deep rooted negative emotions
* Transmute negative cycles of behavior
* Transmute past traumas
* Transmute underlying causes of illness and disease
* Enhance and accelerate spiritual development
* Revitalize the aura
* Promote longevity
* Promote positive shifts—material & spiritual
* Transmute “Life Path Choices”—the ability to rewrite current circumstances

We offer 1 hour sessions to experience this alchemical transformation.