Toad of the Golden Road Spell Candle & Fetch Statue


The Golden Toad, king of gluttony, the leaper between worlds and spirit of compulsion, sits upon a throne of gold, spun of desire and ambition. He looks over a hoard of insurmountable riches and treasure, feverishly working to amass a greater amount of wealth and notoriety. Those true seekers who petition for an audience and strike an accord with the golden toad, noble and royal appointments can be bestowed.  These imperial appointments exalt those true seekers to the highest echelons in society to create great wealth and success.

The Golden Toad Spell Candle is created from the guidance and tutelary teachings of the wealthy and rich who have passed on, yet restlessly yearn and stir in the grave—driven to amass additional wealth and power. This fixed candle can assist those true seekers to draw prosperous conditions and opportunities associated with creating wealth, such as career enchantment, new business development, successful business opportunities and decisions, and an overall ability to create wealth from nothingness.

The Golden Toad Fetch Statue
In traditional witchcraft, the toad is known as a magickal familiar and source of healing and poisoning—through its hidden head stone and potent venom. The toad is a mystical creature which can transcend the realms and create romantic influence and compulsion for those seeking love or those seeking a commanding authority. Those who understood the secrets hidden within toad sorcery were referred to as Toad Witches (Toadmen or Toadwomen). Toad witches that had completed The Bone Toad Rite without succumbing to insanity and madness were believed to have power over animals, the living, and those of the beyond.  

In the spirit of toad sorcery and enchantment, Golden Toad Fetch Statues (spirit house) are available that contain secrets of wealth drawing from a toad spirit assist those who seek the golden road. These fetch statues are created as ordered to specially assist conditions of the true seeker to enchant their financial path.