Three Fold Keys of Protection Spell Candle


There exists a patron saint of sorcery, known as Saint Cyprian of Antioch, who, through the Iberian mysteries and witchcraft, Mexican Brujeria, Brazilian Quimbanda, Christian Folk Magick, and Paganism inspire and guide those daring witches, conjurers, magicians, mystics, and necromancers to work with "both hands" and seek the mysteries of magick—through the legendary Black Book of Cyprian.

Cyprian of Antioch, Sorcerer, and Saint, learned to command infernal spirits and was initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries. He learned to control the weather and oceans at Mount Olympus, understood the natural forces of flora and fauna to divine the morrow, enchanted those in Argos, spoke with the tongue of incantation in Memphis, and conversed with the dead in Sparta. Finally, he found the power and grace of God and became a Bishop, thus working within the arcana of both realms—the celestial and chthonic.

The Three-Fold Keys of Protection 7-Day Candle is an effective defensive and protective method of spellcraft inspired by the Black Book Cyprian. The three blessed "keys" or nails that are sacred to the Cyprianic tradition work to enhance a spiritual barrier or work to keep something within it. It can also be worked to bolster existing protective workings and enhance physical wards and amulets. Each candle is ritually fixed and prayed over by an active member of clergy.