Third Eye Activation


Third eye activation is a unique spiritual, ethereal and subtle body process of sensory integration, which focuses three points of the triangle—mind, body and spirit. This physical and spiritual convergence elevates the frequency of the seeker, reforging and strengthening their spiritual frame work, which unlocks the secret door of the hidden world that resides beyond the veil.

Third Eye Activation can enhance and encourage:
· Astral projection
· Lucid dreaming
· Spiritual practices
· Intuition
· Spirit communication
· Clarity
· Energy
· Creativity
· Well being

This unique spiritual experience and journey is an hour and a half long and incorporates various energetic modalities and helper spirits with the addition of sound, meditation, essential oils, incense, crystal curios and mineral tools.

Any true seeker interested in this experience will undergo a brief interview to ensure their spiritual frame work is ready to accepted this journey.