The Hissing Blade Ritual Tool


The dagger, commonly known as the black handled knife in various spiritual traditions, has many applications in the context of craft practice. It is a tool of many realms and directions—the physical, the spiritual, the exoteric and internal.

The Hissing Blade is a craft tool to render away, only to reveal and create within the depths of possibility.

The dagger is also a tool of protection, which can be utilized in offensive or aggressive craft practices; however, as a spiritual and physical extension of the Eldritch Touched and the secrets within the Arcana of Sand, it is an implement of discovering personal truth.

The Hissing Blade, as a tool of personal truth, will render away that which does not serve the true seeker, only to pierce, slice and align the realms—creating a conjunction and synergy required to experience the freedom to contemplate desire within an unobscured landscape of possibility.

The physical aspects of The Hissing Blade in this esoteric context, cut and rend those external, hidden and oppressive tethers, bonds, attachments, and cords. The dagger will free those of the omen from hidden chains of spiritual stagnation, bewitchment, exhaustion, illness and negative directed craft practices that plague the physical form.

“As the freshly ploughed field has been groomed to hold and nourish the seed, so too must the physical body of the true seeker be rendered fully, to grow, flourish and reap what is possible.”

The spiritual, internal or emotional aspects of The Hissing Blade also rend away parts of us away that are foreign, ingrained illusions within the deepest recesses of the psyche and soul. As we journey through the human condition there are moments within in our lives, we accept truths that are not our own. While there are various reasons for this, in the end it will lead us down a path of false fulfillment filled with illusion and disenchantment. 

“Only through the freedom of illusion can the true seeker become the artificer of thy world.”

We are now offering the incarnate Hissing Blade ritual dagger crafted from Gold Sheen Obsidian. Golden Sheen Obsidian is an excellent material to enchant for such spiritual work to identify the root cause of spiritual or physical trauma and help those rend, cut cords and damaging tethers that may be ingrained deep within. 

This variant of obsidian purifies the energy centers of the body, removing blockages, to help those of the guided path manifest a true purpose or calling.

Each dagger is ritually fixed to benefit the true seeker who has felt the calling to make the journey to work with such a tool.