The Bottle of Burning Sands (DIGITAL) Grimoire


Souls of the mundane world and those true seekers who transverse commonality and cross the threshold into the beyond, there exist seen and unseen forces, that instigate chaos and illusion. These malevolent forces conjured and coaxed or ushered into our lives by those of the crooked plough, who actively perpetuate discord and misfortune, cause deep rooted damage to our spiritual framework. This type of negative influence can and will alter spiritual, mental, and physical wellness, causing obstacles and unnecessary challenges in the material or physical world. These types of bewitchment can work slowly and discreetly over long periods of time or suddenly, inciting cataclysmic upheaval, cyclical stagnation, and deterioration. These bewitchments can cause physical, mental, and spiritual deterioration, that also erodes financial success and stability, romantic and personal relationships, and various facets of our lives that extinguish our joy of living and oppress our spirit.

The Bottle of Burning Sands is a tutelary guide or grimoire, focused to protect the true seeker and remove these bewitchment's from the withered and oppressed. This spell craft is disseminated from the Arcana of Shifting Sands and the spirits known, as The Witches of the Shifting Sands. Deep within these pages contains the secrets to create the Bottle of Burning Sands, to trap and remove negative conditions and oppressive spirits that cause unnatural illness, misfortune and various types of bewitchment.

On our journey forward, we will discuss:
The identity of the witch
The practice of witchcraft
The importance of spiritual relationships and spiritual authority
Vessel magick
A brief history of the Witch Bottle
...and of course, forging The Bottle of Burning Sands

Those true seekers that are called to this work will find a magickal journey that encourages the practitioner to ingrain themselves within the spiritual ecosystem of the flora and fauna within their environment. This grimoire is not merely a book of incantations and spells, it is a tutelary guide that supports tangible spiritual growth through the practical exploration of the haunted wood and the once lonely road of internal contemplation.

Bottles Available
During our travels we have collected bottles of all types and from all locations throughout New England. For those who require it for this craft practice, we offer the vessel for the Bottle of Burning Sands. A reading will be conducted to choose a specific bottle from our collection to serve as the vessel for the work.