The Arcana of Shifting Sands-The Order of Wild Magick (Digital Download)


This specific volume of The Arcana of Shifting Sands, The Order of Wild Magick explores a focus on the Wild Magick of the Haunted Wood, the connection to nature, the tutelary spirits of the green crucible, the familiars of the Shepherdess, the hidden enchantments and spells of the faery folk and the witchery of the green sorcerer or sorcerers. This volume of witchcraft will imbue the spiritual framework of the true seeker with the green blood of sorcery, the secrets of the seasons, the blooming magick of the hidden meadow, the birds and broods of the haunted woods and the spiritual authority of those presiding spirits. For those true seekers who desire to hone their natural abilities, to instigate change through green sorcery and plant spirit magick, to awaken from the slumber of mediocrity, to find balance and harmony, to delve deeper into the secrets of the haunted wood through the sands of desire, enchantment and possibility, The Arcana of Shifting Sands, The Order of Wild Magick is before you.

The path, hidden within the tall, lush grasses of summer, led the true seekers to the twisted and gnarled trees that surrounded the entrance of the haunted wood. The glow of the setting sun cast a golden shadow across the land. The golden hour of radiance inspired the true seekers to venture further into the mists that surrounded the dark shadows of the forest. The once dense mist that surrounded the haunted wood was illuminated by the setting sun—revealing the once obscured entrance. A dark figure stood at the entrance, beckoning the true seekers forward…


The Force of the Haunted Wood
The Folklore of the Shepherdess
The Green Witch
The Gate of the Green Crucible
Plant Spirit Magick
A History of Wildcrafting
The Doctrine of Signatures
The Riddle of the Forest
Formularis Liber--The Grimoire of Green Magick
Cloud Divination
Weather Magicks