Supermoon Lunar Oil x3


Observing, venerating, and working within the moon's cycles is a traditional craft practice that harkens back centuries to ancient shamanistic rituals and druidic adoration. Some of the earliest literature of moon veneration, worship or magick were discovered in ancient Egypt, Babylonia and Asia.

The moon's sacred and mystical energy, which is connected to the microcosmic forces and rhythms of our environment, also exerts a macrocosmic influence on the universe— harmonizing to create a tangible synergy that can be felt and experienced. This synergy, which is observed and experienced physically, emotionally, and spiritually is harnessed by the wise, cunning folk, who understand the moon's phases and the influence and synergy that are woven into a fabric of probability— augmenting and enchanting conditions to alter reality.

For the true seekers drawn to the moon's power and influence, the uncommon lunar event known as a super moon is a powerful force of enhancement and influence. This lunar correspondence observes and acknowledges the perigee-syzygy of the moon—the close proximity to the earth.

This close position of the moon to the Earth is believed to generate elevated levels of power and influences, which can be observed within nature. During this lunar period, geological, volcanic, and meteorological events are at their peak and can be witnessed through sudden, mysterious, and severe weather patterns, tectonic shifts and seismic activity, and volcanic eruptions.

…as the empowered lunar rays stretched across the land, a mysterious illuminating fog thickened within the hallows, the trees began to stretch toward the velvet sky, the oceans rose up from their slumber, as the true seeker’s eyes sparked with possibility…

This precious moment within astrological time is an opportunity to perform any craft or lunar magicks with increased efficacy, power and influence.

The Super Moon Lunar Oil X3 is handcrafted and ritually fixed during a supermoon (4/26/21). This lunar oil harnesses the supermoon's power and influence. This lunar formulation is also infused with the appropriate herbal constituents and plant spirit energy for such magickal work. These herbs include Evening Primrose, Mugwort, Milk Thistle, Elder Flower, Lightning Struck Wood—among others.

Carrier Oil:
Hemp seed

Aroma: Primrose & Tangerine