Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Oil


“…As the moon rose up against the pitch of the night sky, the red lunar rays of illumination spread across the land. Those shrouded by darkness, looked upon the red, glowing beacon and began to wake from their slumber…”

There is a unique conjunction within the natural and esoteric forces of the 2021 Super Flower Blood Moon, which not only symbolize rebirth and growth, but also awaken parts of our being that expose illusion.

During this time, the fire of Sagittarius is in opposition to Gemini, forming an aspect of Jupiter, which will encourage true seekers to uncover deep truths buried in common thought or those shackled within a world of industrialized and programmed influence.

This astrological event and the energy created within can assist those to lead more fulfilling lives by discovering their truest desires and purpose, while also making decisions toward embracing these revelations, thus reaping spiritual, emotional and material prosperity.

Super Flower Blood Moon Oil, harnesses the current of lunar energy that encourages self-exploration and enlightenment, while assisting true seekers to honor their unfulfilled desires and soul purpose.

This oil is perfect for including into a new or existing meditation practice or various craft practices or situations in life, in which removing illusion is needed to seek truth in ourselves or others.

“…only those brave enough who seek truth will honor their soul’s purpose…” The Shepardess, The Arcana of Sand

This oil contains:
Red Clover, Violet, Dragons Blood, Cat Nip
Carrier Oil: Primrose