Spiritual House and Property Clearing and Rebalancing


Does your home, property or business feel off, unsettling, and uncomfortable to be in?
Environments can become saturated with negative, toxic, harmful and stagnant energies and entities. Prolonged exposure to these lower vibrational energies can cause unnatural illness and negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, and unexplained sadness. These conditions can also negatively impact circumstances within your life by attracting additional misfortune and trigger a constellation of unexplained negative events.

This type of energy can be created by past incidences of heightened negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, illness, neglect or other mental or physical traumatic experiences. Beyond the cycle of ingrained negative emotions within the environment, unwanted, negative spiritual activity can also alter the atmosphere of the home, property and business.

Through energetic and spiritual work, it is possible to raise vibrations, dispel negativity, and attract positive energy and prosperity within a given environment. This type of spiritual work can transform a once oppressive environment into a warm and inviting space that promotes peace and happiness.

We offer the following services to clear and shift the energy within your home, business or property.  

Real Estate House Clearing and Rebalancing

Are you trying to sell your home? Clear away any negative energies that have taken root over years and settled within the foundation of the home. The clearing and rebalancing of environmental energies will create a warm and inviting feeling for potential buyers!

Are you buying a new home? There are a variety of circumstances that lead to homes being listed. Negative life circumstances such as illness, death, financial ruin, separation, and divorce can generate unwanted negative energy cycles, which can linger and impact the energy of the home. Clear and rebalance the energy before you move in to create a prosperous future within your new home.

House Cleansing and Rebalancing

Routines and circumstances within our daily lives can create negative cycles of energy that begin to accumulate and strengthen over time. A house clearing and energy rebalance service can release stagnating and negative accumulated energies and revitalize the charm of the environment to attract new refreshing energies.  Free your home from these energies and enjoy your home life.


Businesses are exposed to negative emotions, energy and negatively from customers, employees and owners. With the average daily business environment negativity can generate from various circumstances and accumulate and shape negatively influence the environment. Clearing and rebalancing the energy can increase employee morale, inspire creativity, and promote prosperity.

All of the clearing and rebalancing ceremonies are performed are with the utmost integrity and are aligned with your intentions and life goals.

Consultations are always free!
We service a 150 mile radius from central NJ.