Seed of Abundance Spell Candle


Esoteric clues within the Arcana of Sand describe a Golden Seed of Abundance rumored to foster the egress of the empyrean and chthonic reaches, revealing the treasures once hidden within the depths of the shifting sands.

“The wise ones who discover the true golden star peering through the vastness of the dark desert sky shall be rewarded with precious hidden treasure revealed from thy land.”—Moruu of the Golden Star

The starlight of the golden constellation that once illuminated the path to great abundance and wonder had waxed and waned for an untold number of centuries before shinning prominently upon a long-forgotten stone cottage. The old wooden door swung open before the true seekers could reach for the knob. The force bent the rusted and tired iron hinges. The groaning of the forgiving metal could be heard echoing through the craggy landscape. The room was lit by flickering torches, which surrounded a percolating cauldron.

The witched spirits emerged from beyond the shadows—each standing behind a corresponding torch. One  witch stepped forward into the starlight that shown throw the open window.

She reached into the cauldron while reciting the incantation:

"Those of weathered backs and furrowed brows who till the lands of nature, the hollow, and the moral. Take of this golden seed forged from the conjunction of enchanted clay and pyre, nourished by passion and desire."

The Seed of Abundance Spell Candle is fixed to create enchanted opportunities that encourage prosperity, which are aligned with the needs and desires of the true seeker. This spell candle also enchants conditions and situations that require fertility and growth--literally and metaphorically.