Saint Justina Novena Candle


Saint Justina, vestal virgin and arcane anchorite, who rebuked the sorcery of Cyprian, through her devotion to God is a Patron Saint of purity and sanctity. Her purity and inspiring devotion are sought by those who suffer from spiritual oppression or malefic craft practices.

The legend of Saint Justina of Antioch explores the power she received through devotion. She rebuked Cyprian’s sorcery on three separate occasions. Cyprian, a well-known sorcerer of that time was contracted by a local man to enchant or bewitch Justina with the passion of love magick—hoping she would fall in love with him.

Accepting the commission, Cyprian summoned a series of chthonic spirits, one greater than the next, to seduce and enthrall Justina. When these seductive spirits would appear in her bedroom and fill her mind with lust and passion for the local man, she would make the sign of the cross and began praying to God—the spirits would disappear.

When the third and final spirit had failed to influence and seduce Justina, Cyprian spoke sternly with adjuration, “If you do not bring Justina to me, I shall adopt Christianity.”

The chief of the chthonic spirits ordered a member within his legion to disguise himself and take the form of Justina to deceive Cyprian.

As the chthonic spirit approached Cyprian, disguised as Justina, he greeted her, “Welcome, Queen of Women, Justina.” Upon hearing the now sacred name, Justina, the deceitful spirit vanished in a plum of smoke. Cyprian, knowing he had been deceived, shifted his path toward Christianity, later becoming a Bishop.

Saint Justina is a compassionate and powerful spiritual presence who can aid those to unweave malefic curses, hexes, and magick that may attempt to negatively influence our mind, body and spirit.