Saint Joseph Novena Candle


Saint Joseph of Nazareth, carpenter, foster father, teacher, and mentor is a tutelary saint not only concerned with matters of real estate. While this saint is popularized in modern times for assistance with real state concerns, such as selling and buying a home, he is actually a tutelary saint for those who wish to instill peace, love and prosperity within their environment.

As a father, Saint Joseph was patient and loving, as he cared for and raised his son without question, who was bequeathed to him through the immaculate conception, the will of the divine, and the physical body of Mary—thus, exhibiting unwavering faith, trust, devotion and love.

As a craftsman and carpenter, Saint Joseph took great care choosing materials and creating needed household items, thus he appeals to practical matters or concerns within the home.

Saint Joseph can be petitioned for assistance in matters of marriage or partnership, the guidance of children, and any matters that might cause tension or turmoil within the home.