Saint Germain Novena Candle


The Violet Flame is an alchemical, transmutative based cosmic consciousness that promotes healing, manifestation and invigoration. This alchemical modality has been decoded from the18th-century French grimoire—the Triangular Book of Saint Germain.

This esoteric grammar or text was created by the “Count of Saint Germain,” himself, as the content was hidden within a sacred codex that outlined alchemical instructions to create the legendary philosopher’s stone— that granted Transmutation, Wealth, Immortality and the Formula of Life.

Through the spiritual framework that is forged from the relationship with Saint Germain and the instructions within the Triangular Book of Saint Germain we are able to offer novena candles empowered from this arcana to aid those who require transformation and transmutation.  

Each novena contains an herbal and mineral formulation of clear quartz, blue malva, lavender, frankincense, blue lotus, and amethyst.