Saint Expedite Novena Candle


Saint Expedite is a powerful and swift spirit, who is petitioned specifically for immediate and divine intervention in matters of the greatest importance and severity. While he can intervene concerning any serious issue, he is well known for the manifestation of wealth during times of need and will tip the scales of justice in favor of those who require it.

We are now offering these Saint Expedite novena candles for the true seeker, who requires immediate divine intervention.

Each candle is ritually fixed, prayed over and blessed observing the arcana and traditions surrounding Saint Expedite.

He feast day is April 19th.

Saint Expedite, Saint Expedite, Saint Expedite!

Hear my plea for intercession, as I call you forth here and now, and pray for your blessing and boon through your providence!

You, who is adorned with the red and gold armor of the centurion of Rome, but who has laid down the sword and now holds the sacred cross high to the heavens—HODIE! HODIE! HODIE!

Expeditus, who wields the palm frond as a triumphant symbol of victory over oppression, obstacles and procrastination through devotion and action.

Expeditus, who heard the crow shout “cras” (tomorrow) and has rebuked the wicked— standing over the most-vile— who exclaimed TODAY!

Expeditus, who acts swiftly, reliably and with great urgency in times of crisis! Hear my prayer and petition, delivery my aid instantly, oh martyr, through this difficult time!