Railroad Spike Amulet


Railroad spikes are considered magickal curios or amulets in various conjure and folk magick traditions. If one begins to contemplate the practical purpose of the railroad spike, we can begin to understand how it functions as a magickal anchor within the context of sympathetic magick.

The metallurgy that constitutes a railroad spike is also conducive for protective and defensive magickal works as it is made from low or high carbon steel, which uses iron as a base metal. Additionally, most carbon steel contains small amounts of manganese, which is left over from the forging process. Manganese also contains magickal reflective properties, which can be utilized to deflect negative energies and malevolent directed spiritual works.

These spiked amulets are utilized in spiritual practices to “nail down” or secure physical spaces and areas from various types of intrusion ranging from the law or legal agents, to landlords, unwanted people from past relationships, or any physical being that is not welcome in the area an individual may be dwelling.

Conversely, they can be also used to anchor a person to a physical space such as a property or “nail down” a specific condition on a target—be it a blessing or baleful work.

These irons spikes also protect physical spaces from unwanted spiritual intrusion. It is believed the magickal properties of iron can be effective at repelling some types of unwanted spirits. This lore surrounding the protective attributes of iron are also observed in older cemeteries and mausoleums as they are surrounded with iron fences and gates—to create and fortify a boundary between spirits and the living.

We here at the Saint & Sorcerer spiritually reforge these iron amulets to suit the needs of our clients, while embracing the traditional sympathetic properties of their creation.

Sold as a curio only.