Queen of Hearts Spell Candle-Love, Beauty, Passion

The Royal Crown Court Queen of Hearts, Lady Erzulie Fréda presides over the sphere of influencing relationships—romantic or platonic. Her enchanting, charming, and irresistible nature can draw opportunities for those who seek new romantic relationships. Her spiritual magnetism can intensify affection and romance within existing relationships or create opportunities to attract those who would make an ideal partner. She can also assist those who seek to revitalize or mend existing partnerships or attract new beneficial friendships.

The quadruple aspects of the Queen of Hearts represent the indispensable leadership and wisdom of the Queen mother, the passionate and insatiable maiden, the dependable sister and the loving daughter. Within these powerful aspects exist the potential to extend favorable influence over various types of relationships. These spheres of influence which impact relationships exist in the realms of romantic or platonic, business, career and prosperity, family matters, and self love.