Purification & Energy Clearing Bundle


Spiritual protection is necessary for those who dare to delve into the practice of the hidden ways. This is also true for those more maligned to a mundane path, as skepticism is not a protective shield against the unseen. An effective warding or protective practice creates a selective and fortified bulwark or spiritual shield through various techniques. Within the scope of our daily lives, there is the potential to encounter sources of influence from roaming or directed spirits, those who instigate illusion by bewitchment and those who perpetuate oppression through common thought.

Negative energy and entities can be drawn organically to individuals and environments without spiritual provocation or evocation. For those who have cultivated a daily practice or newly awakened true seekers peering across the threshold for the first time, there exists a sensitivity and awareness of ancestry, place and power. Spiritual protection becomes increasingly necessary as true seekers embrace the winding road of universal mysteries and magick.

The Purification & Energy Clearing Bundle contains essential tools to clear stagnant and negative energy and fill the void with protective and balancing energies to cultivate the desired vibration within an environment.

The bundle contains:
Palo Santo
Rose Quartz
Spanish Moss
Pine cones

Purification & Energy Clearing Bundle is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.