Key of Saint Justina Rosary Charm


Saint Justina of Antioch, the arcane anchorite and vestal virgin, who experienced the grace and power of the most holy ADONAI in youth. She successfully rubuked the corruptive sorcery of the flesh, that sought to tame her.

She withstood the perils and pain of the boiling cauldron, emerging without harm.

She will grant peace and serenity to those who are wrought with pain and plagued with negativity. She will help those who are uncertain about various life conditions and will provide blessings and boons, as well as, remove dark tethers and deceptive actions.

This rosary is constructed from mother of pearl, black igneous stones, and an iron key, which serves as the charm to open the way to free the individual from oppression and fear. This rosary is "fixed" and blessed, ready for use.

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