Hekate Goddess Candle


Hekate of the three and four way crossroads, the key holder of the threshold, the torch bearer, the presider over magick, spells and restless spirits, may she stand at our side.

Hekate, goddess of the crossroads, is the guardian of the threshold, the liminal or “in between” spaces betwixt the realms. It is within these moments she illuminates the path forward and encourages spiritual expression. She is also the custodian and guardian over the restless and mighty dead, offering access to necromantic arts, thus opening the gateway to spirit communication.

As the goddess of magick, with the context of the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) and The Chaldean Oracles, she is of many forms that can weave fate, command powerful spirits, protect those from malefic chthonic spirits by way of the Stygian hounds, who's very body is of the three realms, four rivers, and four winds.

As devotees of Hekate, we here at the Saint & Sorcerer are able to offer these special novena candles. These types of craft accoutrements are perfect for those with an existing practice or those curious about what is possible through the twin torches of Hekate.

Each candle is blessed through the magick of Hekate and dressed with dandelion root, mullein and mug wort.