Gaze of the Gorgon Spell Candle


"She, queen of the gorgons, most poisonous and vile creature, compelled by a wrathful and vengeful nature, who lives in the dark, suffocating silence only to unleash her gaze upon thine enemies."

The three monstrous and ferocious Gorgons of legend, Sthenno, Euryale, and Medusa, are traditionally depicted as hideous winged women, adorned with serpent-like features, tusks of a wild boar, and hands of razor-sharp brass. 

Drenched in a leeching poison, their snake-like appearance is described as "creatures possessing living serpents for strains of hair." The gorgon's single most terrifying aspect is its insidious and powerful gaze, which can turn any living creature into stone.

Through our rich spiritual lineages, which include Graeco-Egyptian practices, we can offer this ritually fixed 7-day candle to assist those afflicted by baleful directed witchcraft and other spiritual derived maladies focused on causing harm or suffering. The Gaze of the Gorgon Novena Candles works to "petrify" or immobilize the directed magick and spellcraft, as well as the originator of the work.