Faeries’ Apothecary Spell Jar


“As those of the Faerie Faith stand upon the lush green hillside looking across the rolling glen, observing the wind move though tall reeds of grass, and experience the interconnected current of energy through the forests, mountains, and glens…an enchanted doorway into the faerie realm can begin to open.”

The Faeries ’ Apothecary Spell Jars are enchanted objects imbued with the energy, boons and blessings from those fairies of the inner and outer courts.

These spell jars can aid those with gentle and nurturing spiritual energy within a variety given spheres which include Healing & Recovery, Peace & Tranquility, Personal Power, Glamour & Beauty, Protection, Abundance & Prosperity, and Faerie Communication.

Each jar is uniquely crafted based on the spiritual needs of the individual. Upon purchase a reading will be conducted to discern what formulation of stones, crystals, herbs, curios, minerals and unique objects are needed to create the spell jar for the individual within the chosen sphere. No two spell jars are the same, as the journey down hidden path takes us all to different destinations.

Faeries’ Apothecary Spell Jar - Peace & Tranquility is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.