Elemental Candle-Air

Air is not considered a pure element, as it is composed of the dominant qualities of Fire and Water—possessing hot and moist attributes, known as a double essence. Possessing these dual qualities, the element of air can control the other aspects of fire and water. In spiritual alchemy, the element of air is the spirit or consciousness that can influence or control thoughts and emotions.

The Air Elemental Candle encourages a keen mind, inspiration, creativity and imagination. The four winds sustain life and nurture ideas, knowledge, and desires. Air is the element of communication, our "voice" and the intellect, which perpetuates and new possibilities and dreams.

Each fixed 7 day candle contains an herbal formulation of anise, clover, and dandelion, among others.

“Hail to the direction of the east, the direction of the mighty wind, the raw winter breeze through the evergreens, the gentle snow fall, in the element of air, we call upon you for your aid here in this sacred circle. Hail and be welcome.”