Egg Cleansing


Egg Cleansing, "Limpia" or Oomancy is an ancient spiritual, cultural, and magickal practice, utilized in Greece, Scotland, Mesoamerica, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, and the United States. The use of the egg, the shell, and birds; such as doves and chickens stratify various cultures, religions, and magickal practices as tools of divination. The iconography of the egg represents life, the universe (cosmic egg), fertility, resurrection, and balance. Some practitioners acknowledge the egg as a sacred object, as the animal spirit supports the work and is honored in the process.

The egg functions by absorbing and neutralizing negative energy, natural and unnatural illness, blockages, stagnation, stress, bewitchment, misfortune, phobias, confusion and directed or ambient baneful magick; such as the evil eye curse or worse. The egg becomes a sacred tool in the practitioners "tool box" by neutralizing negative or unwanted conditions within the patient, thus restoring their physical and spiritual bodies to find equilibrium.

We offer this service to those who are seeking purification and balance from bewitchment, unnatural illness, and the effects of ambient negative energy.

 A reading of the egg (and its contents) are also offered for those who wish to look deeper into their current conditions with more detail beyond the healing aspects.

These services are offered at the physical shop location or remotely.