Dr. Grimwood’s Enchanted Powders


The mystical formulations of reclusive spiritualist Dr. T. S. Grimwood have recently been uncovered after being lost for nearly 100 years. From the menagerie of cryptic pages recovered from Dr. Grimwood’s esoteric journals a select number of enchanted powders have been recreated to benefit those of the querents' call.   

Dr. T.S. Grimwood’s enchanted powders are formulated from rare, unique and magickal regents discovered within the hidden wonders of nature. These enchanted powders can be employed to draw, harness, repel or heal spiritual forces, individuals, and currents of energy to reshape the immediate physical and spiritual environment.

3 mystical formulations are available at this time:

The Uncrossing, Unjixing & Unhexing formula contains "grimwood" and other magickal regents. This formula is used to restore vitality and remove the negative effects of malevolent spiritual activity.

The Ancestral Unhexing and Healing formula contains "frickwood" and other secretive curios. This formula is used to break the bonds of ancestral infirmity, spiritual oppression, and misfortune. This enchanted powder will also encourage ancestral healing to promote peace and ascension.

The Blessing formula contains lightening struck wood and other powerful natural regents. This formula is used to cleanse the home and property and encourage peace, prosperity, and positive events.

Practical applications:

Dusting—These magical powders can be blown or “dusted” over areas to create magickal boundaries or "layed down" to instigate physical contact to create influence. Effigies such as dolls, photos, name papers and other magickal links to a person or place can also be dusted with powder to create a magical influence.

Dressing—These powders can also be used to dress candles, altars, intention or petition papers, sigils, business cards, business or court paperwork. They can also be used to dress articles of clothing and accessories such as jewelry.

Anointing or condition oils—Powders can also be mixed with existing spiritual products such as oils to enhance the probability and manifestation of the desired outcome.

Charm bags—Various types of charm or spiritual bags can be filled with
Dr. Grimwood’s powder along with other significant items to create the desired enchantment.

The use of Dr. Grimwood’s enchantment powders are only limited by the desire and creativity of the querant.