Craft Services


The secret art of the cunning folk involves the communication with tutelary and authoritative spirits, working with the hidden, mystical properties and elements of nature that enhance the casting of spells and enchantments. Spell casting or craft practice is a mystical and hidden art that coordinates, organizes, directs, and harnesses available forces and correspondences to influence synchronicities and alter probabilities in favor of an individual, situation, or environment.

“To make the once impossible, possible.”

Through our various lineages, initiated systems of practice and wild craft gifted from the relationships with spirits, we are able to offer these craft services that encompass a variety of conditions to benefit those who wish to live a more fulfilled, meaningful and enchanted lifestyle that aligns with their truest desires.

We offer these craft services that address the following conditions; however, custom craft practices are always available.
Purification: To purify the spiritual, physical, and mental framework of the true seeker. This practice focuses on removing directed or ambient negative influences or attachments, tethers, cords, that instigate or create damaging causations.

Protection: To reinforce and bolster the spiritual framework and immediate sphere of influence around the true seeker. This practice focuses on creating a protective barrier around the home and life of the true seeker and also enhances their framework creating a spiritual ecosystem where it is not possible for ambient or directed baleful causation to take root.

Prosperity: To encourage, promote and create synchronistic pathways and streams of opportunity and enrichment that not only address financial wealth but enhance abundance in various areas of the true seeker’s life.

This craft practice will also reveal and resolve obstacles which have blocked the path forward in the past.

Legal Matters: In the context of craft practices that focuses on legal matters, influence and attention are created to benefit the true seeker’s unique situation. This may include bringing hidden truths to light, disguising the obvious, gaining admiration and sympathy of key figures, and of course to create positive engagement.

Healing: This craft practice focuses on removing unnatural illness within the spiritual framework of the true seeker that can manifest within the subtle and physical body. This practice encourages the body’s natural healing response and also calls forth healing helper spirits, elements, and correspondences creating a nurturing conjunction to promote, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Love: This craft practice focuses on attracting an appropriate romantic partner, reconciling with a past or current lover, enliven an existing romantic relationship or to clear the path forward for a romantic relationship to be possible and take root.

Career & Business Development and Enchantment: This craft practices focuses on maximizing and enhancing the positive attributes and value of the true seeker in a business or employment context. This influence and spiritual “spotlight” create an element of high visibility and prosperous current of energy around their work and personality, which can attract the attention of hiring managers, business owners, executives, stake holders, decision makers, vendors or any and all individuals that could have a possible impact on their career.

This craft work is perfect for a true seeker who is entering the job marketing for the first time or after leaving a job, those who have been passed over for promotions, those looking for a raise, in sales or day trading positions, or existing business owners looking to expand their business or attract the right employee for their needs.   

Luck, Good Fortune, Gambling, Investment Success
This craft practice enhances serendipitous luck and good fortune. This type of influence may be directed in a general praxis to enhance current life conditions or be used in games of chance, potential risky investments, purchasing a home, or in insecure financial matters.

The Process
These craft services are specifically personalized to accommodate the unique circumstances of the true seeker and their life situation. An initial reading will be giving to ascertain these circumstances and to gauge an understanding of what is possible and what will be required to change the aforementioned conditions to benefit the true seeker and their deepest desires.

After the reading, the true seeker will receive an email, phone call, or summation in person, explaining what is possible and will be done on their behalf that aligns with their goals and desires.

The true seeker will also receive a confirmation the craft practice has taken root, which will continue for a period of 28 days. Photos and a summary of the craft practice will be provided via email, text, or in person.

Physical talismans, amulets, sigils, and other craft accoutrements may need to be created through this process to achieve the desired result; thus, the timeline of the work may extend beyond 28 days.

Legal Disclaimer:

The law requires that psychic readings, spells, and other services & items that fall into the realm of the metaphysical are to be sold for entertainment purposes only.

Saint & Sorcerer products and/or services should not be used as a substitution for medical, legal or financial advice. You must be 18 or older to purchase our services or items. All sales are final.