Cimaruta Charm Spell Candle


The Cimaruta is a protective amulet found within the antiquity of Italian culture and folklore. This charm or amulet, also known as the Witches’ Charm, the “The Charm of Diana”, and the “rue in which buds and flowers appear” is traditionally fashioned from a sprig of Rue—known for its medicinal and magickal constituents. Rue possesses specific qualities of plant spirit magick and medicinal constitutes, which have a documented history within folklore to provide spiritual and medical antidotes and countermeasures against poison, malfic or destructive magick, bewitchments such as The Evil Eye, and unwanted spiritual influence and oppression.

Cimaruta Charms
While rue (ruta) itself is a powerful plant and herb to ward off ill-wishing, directed negative magick, and other harmful spirits and energies, the Cimaruta contains various charms that offer other protective correspondences, which provide the charm with its distinctive appearance. The variation in charms associated with the Cimaruta are relative to historical, regional influences of ancient Italy, the incorporation of Paganism and Christian ideologies, and simply the evolution of the charm over the course of time.

Rue- Protective plant associated with the Goddess Diana used against baleful witchcraft and sorcery. The three branches of Rue (forming a tree) are associated with the aspects of Diana— the Maiden, Mother and Crone (Hecate, Diana, Proserpina).

Hand-The Mano Fica or “Fig Hand” (thumb under pointer finger) is a mudra or hand gesture used against the evil eye to divert the gaze. The Mano Cornetto or “Hand of the Horn” is another hand gesture used to ward off evil and draw luck and good fortune. This hand is associated with various horned animals.

Moon-The moon is associated with the Goddess Diana (Diana Lucifera). The full moon is associated with good luck and the half-moon or crescent is associated with Diana’s Bow. Diana’s Bow is the combination of her dual aspects of Moon Goddess and Goddess of the Forest or Hunt (light & dark), which suggests the huntress is her protective aspect.

Key- In the context of the Cimaruta, the key is associated with esoteric knowledge to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Flower- The blooming flowering is thought to be associated with vervain, lotus, clover or rue. It is believed the blooming flower had replaced the pentacle charm over time due to the inclusion of Christianity. The Flower is a protective symbol that also fosters a connection and relationship with plant spirit magick and ancient fairy spirits.

Horn- The horn or “chili pepper” is associated with good luck, stamina and virility.

Dagger-The sword or dagger is the “hand of the gladiator” and has a direct correlation to the warrior aspect of the Goddess Diana.

Serpent- The serpent or snake is associated with wisdom and viewed as a life force or power in the Stregheria tradition of witchcraft.

Rooster or Cock-The rooster is associated with the sun and dispels “darkness,” as it is understood as the creature who calls or ushers in the dawn.

Heart- The heart is ancient symbol in connection with the Christian cross, which offers protection and salvation.

Cornucopia-The cornucopia is associated with Good fortune, prosperity, and luck

The Evil Eye
Psychic or spiritual attacks are also referred to as; the evil eye, the maluke, malfici, or malacchio, ill-wishing, hexing, cursing, jinxing, crossing, and (lutto della luna), the mourning of the moon are conscious or unconscious manifestations of negative emotions, thoughts, which are empowered by natural ability and the will of the individual. It is believed beyond superstition that negative emotions such as jealously, hatred, and envy can cause crossed conditions and bring misfortune to those who are the target of such emotions.

Symptoms and or conditions of The Evil Eye Curse include and may be identified by a constellation of events (not just a single experience), which then begins to rule out natural causation. In the Italian tradition of Stregheria, various types of divination practices including a “reading of the oil” may be used to diagnosis the condition of The Evil Eye—some symptoms may include unnatural illness, head ache (between the eyes), mental fog, confusion, or unexplained sense of fear, general misfortune and malaise.

The Cimaruta Charm Spell Candle is “fixed” to remove the true seeker from the negative effects of ill-wishing, the overlook, the evil eye, and general crossed conditions to attract beneficial conditions and well being.

The Cimaruta Spell Bag and Silver Amulet
A red curse breaking spell bag and silver cimaruta amulet are also available for those spiritual situations that are more complicated and dire. The Cimaruta spell bag is made to order to suit the specific needs of the true seeker. The spell bag contains various herbal and mineral formulations such as rue, masterwort, devil's bit, and other curios to remove cursed conditions and create opportunities of good fortune and well being.