Chicken Foot Charm


Within the realms of conjure, folk magick, “root-based” multicultural systems and even within the European grimoiric texts such as The Black Pullet (the hen that lays the golden eggs or the hen that locates hidden treasure or gold)—the power of the black hen is realized as a powerful spiritual force.

In these systems of practice, the black hen is honored and respected, as it can lend various types of spiritual aid or magick to those who seek it.

The feet or claws of the black hen are specifically prized and recognized as powerful defensive, as well as offensive spiritual tools to protect against crossed conditions and even return, reverse, reflect or “scratch back” at those malefic beings that would intentionally cause harm to us.

This form of sorcery, low-magick, folk magick or thaumaturgy is founded within the sympathetic spiritual framework of the hen, as it scratches and pecks upon the ground, it brings to the surface what has been intentionally hidden. Thus, exposing any concealed “tricks” that have been laid to cause confusion, misfortune or obstacles, blocking the path of the chosen target. The Chicken Foot Charm works to remove these types of hidden, crossed conditions, as well as, negative ambient energies and entities.

Protective Characteristics (Black Curio)
The black chicken foot charm is considered an effective countermeasure against directed spiritual interference, hinderance, or attack. While this type of charm is generally utilized in the context of overall spiritual defense, it is also effective in providing protection within various conditions, such as finances, relationships, business dealings, health or any type of situation you would like to protect and preserve against physical and spiritual theft, misfortune, and general waning conditions.

Reversing Characteristics (Red Curio)
The red chicken foot charm is not only considered an effective protective charm, it is also a form of reversal and reactionary, boundary setting, and offensive warding magick. This type of curio is justified for those who are seeking to escape spiritual and magick oppression from those who intentionally work against us to slow progress on our chosen path.

Our curios are handmade with great care and focused on the needs of the client, which are verified through our spiritual practices. Addition types of herbal, mineral or animal curios maybe added to the final charm, which is dependent on the uniqueness of the condition, spiritual framework of the client, and verification from the spirits.