Fayerie Spell Candle


Carkaskious of the Blooming Flower is a beautiful Fayerie, who inspires all life to grow and flourish in their environment. She is the Unseelie muse, motivator, and guide to those who seek her counsel, influence, and magick. She is the golden flash of insight, inspiration, excitement, and wonder. Often appearing as sparkling, golden light, Carkaskious is believed to have inspired the sweet scent of the rose, the early seasonal bloom of the violet, and the queen of the night to bloom during the first-hour of daylight.

While she can be sought for assistance with new projects, creative ideas, and general inspiration, she will also encourage those to embrace their natural talents to live their most authentic and fulfilled lives. She is a compassionate and loving spirit that inspires us to go beyond ourselves and dwell within the current of wonder and creative ideas to experience what is needed or sought to flourish.

 "…the flower finally bloomed, not only revealing the hidden mystery of its beauty and enticing fragrance...deep within, the seeker of truth, can find the seeds of inspiration...

This spirit presides over the offices of inspiration, working through creative blockages, ignites passion & excitement, stimulates new ideas, encourages new projects, creativity assists with self expression, helps the true seeker migrate into the current of possibility & psychic stimulation, assists with talent identification and enchantment.