Archangel Samael and the Virtues of the Planet Mars


Archangel Samael and the Virtues of the Planet Mars
He is depicted in printed texts as a strong, virile, and muscular young man, adorned with the military uniform of a Roman centurion—sword quick at the ready. He is also depicted as a type of bearded Djinn or Fallen Angel riding a dragon within the texts of Voltaire.
In the Solomonic tradition, this is the Archangel and the planetary energies of Mars, which embody physical courage and overcoming adversaries and obstacles. Archangel Samael is a diligent protector who prevents unwanted mundane or magickal conditions or a protagonist of war to ensure success or victory. While there are certainly the aspects of brute force, war, vitality, assertiveness, and divine strength in this sphere there also exist the energies of tactical expertise, calculation, and precision, which can be utilized to achieve the desired result.

Intelligentsia of Mars— Madimiel, Eschiel, Ithuriel, and Bartzachiah

Specific Powers of the Planet Mars
Lord of War and the Underworld. Tyranny, Totalitarianism, Famine, and Plague. Passion and Severity. Forcefulness, Exorcism, Aggression, Boldness, Competition, Ambition, Courage, Strength, Endurance, Strife, Tension, Anger, Accidents, Destruction, and Earthquakes.

Each candle is "fixed" according to the Solomonic Tradition.