Archangel Raphael and the Virtues of Planet Mercury


Archangel Raphael and the Virtues of Planet Mercury
Archangel Raphael, meaning God has healed, is one of Archangels who stands in the presence of God and governs over the angels of Wednesday and the Planet Mercury.

According to the Book of Tobit, the Archangel Raphael disguised himself to act as a guide and traveling companion to Tobit’s son while testing his faith. This story or legend has associated Raphael as a protector or guide to children or those traveling great distances. In the Book of Enoch, he is considered one of the “watchers,” who were sent to observe humankind. In the Zohar he is tasked with the duty of “healing the planet,” thus he is considered the Archangel of healing (although Michael is also a capable healer). This sphere focused on science and intelligence, divination, prophecy, “wonders,” “apparitions,” writing, music, and business dealings.

Intelligentsia of Mercury— Kokaviel, Savaniah, Ghedoria, and Chokmahiel

Specific Powers of the Planet Mercury
Messenger of the Gods. Wisdom, Invention, Language, Communication, Logic, Science, Magick, Intelligence, Speed, Agility, Skill, Dexterity, Cleverness, Speech, Music (writing), Math, Astronomy, Cunning, Perception, Reason, Memory, Speaking, Writing, Ceremony, Words of Power, Divination, Travel, Transportation, Education and Research, Thieves, Business.

Each candle is "fixed" according to the Solomonic Tradition.