Archangel Michael & The Virtues of the Sun Spell Candle


Archangel Michael and the Virtues of the Sun
Archangel Michael
, (Michahel, Mikhaḗl, Mīkhā'īl, Sabbathiel) meaning who as is God, is described as the greatest of all angels and the prince of “repentance, righteous, mercy, and sanctification”—deliverer of the faithful. An archangel of the Seventh Heaven (also fourth), Michael at times is equated to the “holy ghost,” the Logos, and Metatron. He is the one who governs over Sunday and the brilliance of the Sun.

This sphere is appropriate for working with wealth, hope, healing, good fortune, protection, and works concerning divination. It is also an auspicious sphere to seek the guidance of Michael in times of uncertainty, misfortune, or when unwanted/negative presences are abound.

Intelligentsia of the Sun— Shemeshiel, Rekhodiah, Paimoniah, and Malkhiel

Specific Powers of the Sun
Lord and Judge of the World. Judgment, Exorcism, Court Cases, Ascension, Purification,Initiation and Trial-by-Fire, Healing, Compassion, Majesty, Growth, Life-Force, the Divine, Strength, Power, Wisdom, Leadership, Friendship, Happiness.

Each candle is "fixed" according to the Solomonic Tradition.