Archangel Cassiel and the Virtues of the Planet Saturn


Archangel Cassiel and the Virtues of the Planet Saturn
Cassiel (Casiel, Casziel, Kafziel), meaning the speed of God, is the archangel of “solitudes and tears,” also known as the angel of temperance. This archangel is one of the rulers of the planet Saturn. He is also a ruling prince of the Seventh Heaven and one of the three angels of Saturday accompanied by Uriel and Machatan.

Archangel Cassiel can be depicted as a wise old man, as illustrated within the classic Hermit Tarot card within the Rider-Waite deck. This description may coincide with Cassiel’s connection to the solitary path of the practitioner, as the one who follows the Seal of Solomon (the six pointed star within the hermit’s lantern) must find the wisdom they seek by possessing the courage and tenacity to overcome challenges, reflect honestly about their purpose and direction, and find confidence through the magick of their own “hand.” While ritual operations are regimented and precise thus creating a unique but formulaic condition in which the magickal experiments are repeatable to achieve a specific outcome, the personal experiences of the practitioner are their own.

While The Key of Solomon the King would suggest that working with Cassiel and the plant and hour of Saturn can be used to summon those from the underworld, bring “good” or “bad” fortune to buildings and to bring “good” or “ill” to a great manner of things (business, goods, seeds, fruits) to acquire knowledge, this extremely heavy current establishes boundaries and limits or moves them according to what is sought by the magician and the accord which is struck. Saturn can also be invoked to bring destruction and death, as well as, to sow hatred and discord, however, I believe it is in the context of great wisdom through extreme circumstances, as destruction can clear the path ahead to make way for new life and new possibilities.

Intelligences of Saturn—Omeliel, Arauchiah, Anazachia, and Anachiel
These intelligences are the specific spirits, which are mentioned within the 3rd Pentacle of Saturn. The intelligences are worked with during ritual operations to attract the intervention of the governing angel to be present and listen to the petition of the practitioner, as well as, receive offerings for their intervention.

Specific Powers of the Planet Saturn
Death, Destruction, Desolation, and Exorcism. Responsibility, Strength through Trial, Solving Problems, Time, Discipline, Diligence, Limitation, Patience, Stability, Maturity, Realism, Reliability, Trustworthiness, Patience, Courage, Steadfastness, Integrity, Destiny, Fate.

Each candle is "fixed" according to the Solomonic Tradition.