Archangel Anael and the Virtues of Planet Venus


Archangel Anael and the Virtues of Planet Venus
Archangel Anael, (Ariel, Hamiel, Khananel, Onoel) meaning the joy of God, is one of the seven angels of creation, ruler of the angels of Friday and holds dominion over the planet Venus. This archangel generally appears as an androgynous figure (this archangel is depicted as a female in the Solomonic tradition, however the gender of this divine being varies amongst other traditions) long black hair, greyish wings, and dressed in an emerald green tunic. He holds a wand tipped with a pine cone and decorated with multi-colored ribbons.” Anael is one of the illuminaries concerned with human relationships and sexuality—governing the Second Heaven.

This sphere is beneficial to work with concerning love and relationships, joy, fertility, pleasure, and travel.

The Tarot card related to Archangel Anael and the Planet Venus is the Empress. The Empress signifies the female archetype, which is connected to the higher realms by the stars in her crown and the lower aspects of Venus through the pomegranates seed patterns on her robe, which also signify fertility.

Intelligentsia of Venus— Nogahiel, Socodiah, Acheliah, and Nangariel

Specific Powers of the Planet Venus
Lady of Sex, Lust and Passion (for love or war). Pleasure, Inspiration, Affection, Beauty, Desirability and Sex Appeal, Seduction, Love Affairs, Art, Beauty, Adornment, Decoration, Social Graces, Harmony, Friendship, Emotions, Happiness.

Each candle is "fixed" according to the Solomonic Tradition.