The Arcana of Shifting Sands "Order of the Bonesman" PDF (DIGITAL) Spell Book


The transcribed pages before you have been gathered and stitched together from the winds and shadows of the beyond. This hidden knowledge, gifted from the spirits
 and honed through consideration and practice can enchant the lives of those who walk the lonely road of sorcery and witchcraft.

The first of seven volumes, The Arcana of Shifting Sands, The Order of the Bonesman, explores a focus on necromantic, banishing, binding, and protective magickal arts in various capacities. For those true seekers who desire to hone their natural abilities, instigate change, and become the artificer of the path forward The Arcana of Shifting Sands is before you.

“This 200 page magickal tome, transcribed from spirits, shadow, and the mystery of nature, attempts to preserve and contribute a single volume of sorcery and weave it within those legendary and infamous “Black Books of Witchcraft.” This book serves as a hearth, altar, and tool of enchantment. The Arcana of Shifting Sands is considered a “black book,” a collection of local, sorcerous tales, wisdom, and practical applications of witchcraft gathered from spirits and honed through practice, contemplation, adaption, and measured success.”                                                                        — Timothy “ShadowFox” Shay